Café worlds – the world of cafés
A place for fiction

Some things are from a particular place; some could be from anywhere. On the one hand
familiar, distinctive; on the other hand, generic, international. Curiously, there is one thing
that is both: the coffee houses of the world. On the one hand, they are the irreproachable proof
of a unique identity and on the other hand, they are everywhere. When you visit a café you
can become acquainted with the heritage of habits, predilections, history and culture of a
country. If you stay there for a while, you become one with the people who have created these
special places all over the world. It seems to be a deeply human and driving need; taking a
break to drink coffee. The coffee house is an enclosed place, separate from the rest of the
world, but at the same time, completely ordinary. In this place – half temple, half “home
sweet home”- time passes at a different pace. From the inside – looking out – you can observe
the world as if it were a play. Looking in from outside, we see ourselves discussing this
external world we have only just left.

The drink itself awakens us. In many cafés people smoke; the air is thick, aromas are mixed;
the babbling of voices is heard. No one is watching us; we turn off, are relaxed and the
ambience is thusly created. This interlude is now assured for us.

The exhibit:
The photo series makes it possible to drink coffee with people from all over the world who
share the perception of the magic of the drink and of this place. When we enter one coffee house,
we are entering all of them. Thanks to these photos, we are able to recognize that
beauty exists in every aspect of reality, including the brief periods that we
ourselves experience.

Translation: Maura Bayer